We at Red Bank Volvo Cars know our customers want a reliable and powerful vehicle. Consider the midsized Volvo XC60 for driving around Red Bank, NJ with many unique features.

Connected Safety

The cloud-based safety feature alerts you to dangerous driving conditions ahead using other vehicles. If another vehicle has this feature, it sends alerts to your vehicle or the vehicle behind your system. Connected Safety can send alerts for slippery conditions and other vehicles with hazard flashers with a symbol on the instrument panel.

Driver Assist

Volvo IntelliSafe offers you several useful driver assistance features to make everyday driving in various situations safer. It includes blind spot alert, cross traffic alert, parking camera, rear collision alert, and tunnel detection. If the vehicle detects changes in driving patterns, it gives you an audible alert.

Injury Protection

The WHIP system offers more protection from possible whiplash injury. It mitigates injury by activating inflatable curtains and moving the headrest with passengers.

The Side-Impact Protection System provides more protection in side-impact collisions with the steel framework. The steel framework helps the vehicle withstand severe crashes by dividing impact among vehicle parts.

Volvo On Call

Volvo on Call allows you to control your vehicle remotely using mobile devices via subscription. You may use it to report theft, get roadside assistance, or check vehicle status. The service can detect unauthorized use and track the location of stolen vehicles.


The Volvo XC60 has real wood inlays that come standard in Driftwood, resembling natural water and more. You may opt fa or a darker wood inlay at no additional charge. There is also a wooden slat that slides over cup holders when not in use.

The Nappa leather upholstery is made with eco-friendly dyeing techniques for a lasting product. Upgrade to get a massage function with various speeds for drivers and passengers.

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