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Volvo XC60 Service at Red Bank Volvo Cars

Every driver wants their Volvo XC60 models to perform well. We are equipped with a service center where you can bring your Volvo model for maintenance here in Red Bank. Servicing is usually done at a set time interval, at least yearly. The service carried out at our dealership includes replacing aging parts and inspections to check if key elements are still working properly. Our team of Volvo technicians perform this service and maintenance, and they ensure your Volvo XC60 continues to run like new.

Every XC60 has a servicing schedule in the owner's manual that you should follow to keep it in prime condition. By following the service intervals set, you will be able to avoid many future issues around Long Branch. Not only that, but regular servicing may also help you keep the value of your car high. At Red Bank Volvo Cars, we often get questions from customers on when they should get different parts services, so we wanted to illuminate some common intervals.

Regular Maintenance

This service interval includes the oil change servicing. Your oil filter and engine oil need to be changed frequently. When the engine runs, there are small particles that the oil picks up as it runs over and lubricates the engine. In time, this results in the oil becoming thicker and dirty, which may result in excessive wear on the engine. Nowadays, almost all vehicles, including the Volvo XC60, are equipped with synthetic oil, which can last 5,000 to 10,000 miles. However, we recommend you check your oil at least once a month, and we'll be happy to explain how to do so at your next service visit.

Another service carried out in this interval is tire maintenance. Tire servicing involves checking the tire pressure, as well as their wear. At Red Bank Volvo Cars, we also carry out tire rotations, and we advise our customers to come in for these about every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Maintenance at 30,000 Miles

In this interval, our team of skilled mechanics check the air filter. A clogged air filter may affect the performance of your Volvo XC60 since it will be making it harder for the engine to breathe. Getting your air filter changed every 20,000 miles to 30,000 miles is a good thing to do, especially if you come from dusty areas around West Long Branch.

Maintenance at 60,000 Miles

Brake service is included in this interval. Since your brakes are engaged through a hydraulic system, we'll ensure the hydraulic system is working properly. We recommend coming in for this service every 20,000 miles to 45,000 miles.

Brake pads are other brake-system elements that we check in this interval. The pads wear out over time and through use. If you hear screeching noises when you brake, this indicates that the pads need to be replaced. A good set of brake pads can last up to 50,000 miles, depending on the precise driving conditions.

We also check the brake rotors of your XC60, which are always subjected to a lot of heat due to the friction between them and the brake pads. With the brake rotors, you have two options, either re-surfacing or replacing them. This should be checked out after roughly 60,000 miles.

Maintenance at 90,000 Miles

In this interval, we service your hoses, which carry coolant, gases for the air conditioning system and power steering fluid. Cracks start to form as the rubber ages, which may eventually lead to leaking fluids or a broken hose. You should have your Rumson Volvo XC60's hoses checked as it approaches six-figure mileage.

We also inspect the spark plug. While cheaper spark plugs only last 30,000 miles, spark plugs from Volvo can last much longer. We'll only use OEM parts to make repairs to your Volvo XC60, so you can trust that any replacement spark plug will work beautifully for a long time to come.

Please don't hesitate to bring your Volvo XC60 for service and maintenance at our dealership in Red Bank. Plenty of expensive repairs can be avoided when you regularly service your car at Red Bank Volvo Cars.

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