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Volvo Service and Professional Care for Your Luxury Vehicle in Red Bank, NJ

Volvo is known for its impressive safety features and technology to keep you and yours safe but when it comes to maintenance of your luxury vehicle that is up to you. If you conduct routine maintenance and services on your Volvo you are ensuring that it will run longer, more efficiently, and most importantly safer. Our skilled technicians in our service center want to help you keep your Volvo running smoothly with tire rotations, alignments, and tread checks.

Standard Things to Look for When Caring for Your Tires

Taking good care of your tires can help save you money and time in the future. There are a few standard things to keep in mind and to look for when checking your tires. Many of our West Long Branch drivers frequent this page for our comprehensive guide on how to properly care for your tires that you will find below.

Take 10 Seconds to Check Your Tires

It doesn't take much time to check your tires, a mere 10 seconds of your morning routine can help you keep your tires properly inflated to get you better gas mileage and keep you off the side of the road with a slow leaking flat. Walk around your vehicle and look at your tires, if one of them looks low, find the nearest air pump station to check the pressure and air.

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Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Inflating your tires to the proper amount is important to ensure that you can drive around Long Branch with proper road grip, handling, and braking. When you go to inflate your tires be sure to use a tire pressure gauge so that you won't over or under inflate your tires.

Rotate Your Tires When Necessary

Have you ever changed your summer tires over to your winter tires and noticed one side is worn down more than the other? Rotating your tires at the recommended times that your manufacturer suggests can help prevent irregular wear on your tires and improve their longevity. Blow outs and shortened tire lifespans are typical with uneven wear on your tires, so it is best to keep an eye on them to prevent any accidents in Eatontown or having to dish out more money for new tires.

Check out your owner's manual for guidance on the recommended rotations you should take for your luxury Volvo vehicle, but every 5,000 miles you should consider rotating your tires.

Stay in Your Lane with Properly Aligned Tires

When your tires are aligned the way they should be it keeps your vehicle running the way it should. If your vehicle is pulling to one side or the steering wheel is shaking unnecessarily then you might need to align your tires.

How Much of a Grip do You Have on the Road?

Measuring your tire thread is an important habit to get into if you want to have better grip and traction on the road in Rumson. Tires should be replaced if your tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch and you can check it with a simple penny test. Place the penny between the tread and if Lincoln's head is covered you are driving with the right amount of tread.

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Schedule a Service Appointment for Your Luxury Vehicle at Red Bank Volvo Cars

It's better not to take the risk on those tires that you think are fine. Stop by our service center at Red Bank Volvo Cars today and we will look at those "fine" tires and assess the stability of them.


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