As cold weather approaches, there are many things on your to-do list. At Red Bank Volvo Cars, we recommend prioritizing your winter vehicle maintenance. Taking the time now for checks, replacements and upkeep can save you from a great deal of hassle this winter. No one wants to discover their vehicle won't start or be stranded on an Eatontown road on a blustery cold day. Even more important are the services that can keep you safe in snowy weather conditions.

Top Winter Services We Offer

Our service team can provide a host of popular service and repair tasks, but there are some you'll want to keep in mind for winter driving. We can check your cooling system to be sure you have the correct ratio of antifreeze to water. This helps to avoid engine corrosion and freezing.

Your brake system is comprised of multiple parts. A brake inspection can identify excessive wear or leaks so that you can be confident in your vehicle's stopping power on slippery Long Branch roads.

Tire care is also essential when it comes to winter driving safety. A tire rotation will provide even wear and extend the life of your tires. However, invest in a set of winter tires for extra grip and traction. We can provide genuine Volvo tires.

While you're here, you'll probably want us to test your battery's power and install new wiper blades. These may seem like small details, but they make a big difference when it comes to your comfort and safety.

Schedule Winter Service Today

If you live near West Long Branch, it's a good idea to schedule a service appointment now to ensure your Volvo car is ready to stand up to the elements this season. You can schedule service online or call our service center to speak with an associate. Taking time for winter maintenance is an investment you won't regret. We hope to see you at Red Bank Volvo Cars soon; our dealership proudly serves the surrounding New Jersey areas.

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