Safety is no accident

Since 1938 the Matthews family has been in the collision repair business. Our fully equipped collision repair shop can handle your auto body repair needs. We operate closely with insurance companies to ensure that your vehicle returns to a like-new state quickly. The paint shop works tirelessly to match all colors and trims, yielding a factory-quality finish. Allow our trained professionals to complete your automobile restoration to manufacturer-specified standards.   

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 Important Facts to consider:   

  1. Vehicle Value: When we appraise vehicles as potential trades, it is favorable  that it was repaired by our shop and we can stand behind the next sale.   
  2. Fixed by Volvo: You never have to worry about charges at the end of your lease for inferior body repairs, when it's done by our professional, highly qualified Volvo Shop.    
  3. Do business with a company that has your best interests in mind, not the best interests of your insurance company. 

You have the legal right to choose where your owned or leased vehicle is repaired, and that's a right that should be exercised.   Additional auto body services We also provide windshield replacement, paintless dent removal, wheel restoration and headlight restoration. Our skilled auto body team is ready to make your car shine!

Certification standards

To make sure your Volvo is properly repaired, there are exacting standards for Certified Collision Facilities. These standards address four key areas: Facilities, Management, Training, and Tools & Equipment. Using our Certified Collision Facility ensures all work will be performed to Volvo's factory standards by expertly trained auto body repair technicians.

We are proud to partner with a Volvo Certified Collision Facility

We'll maintain the safety and integrity of your Volvo. Our technicians use specialized tools and equipment and perform repairs to exacting factory standards. Our goal is a professional repair experience and your complete satisfaction.

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Volvo Genuine Parts

The structural integrity of your Volvo depends on the quality of every body part used. Volvo genuine safety components and systems are designed to reduce the harmful effects of a collision. They offer better fit and appearance and one of the best warranties in the industry. Volvo Certified Collision Facilities will always recommend installing Volvo Genuine Parts.

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