Volvo is one of the best manufacturers of luxury SUVs on the market. Red Bank Volvo Cars offers customer the Volvo Recharge full lineup, including the Volvo XC40, Volvo XC60, and Volvo XC90, which have been among the top-rated models in their respective classes.

One of the best aspects of the new Volvo XC lineup is the new addition of the Recharge variant. The Recharge is all-electric. The XC models already had hybrid options and great performance, and the Recharge is just one more advantage for them. Here are three reasons to buy the Recharge variant.

Fuel Efficiency

All-electric models are becoming more popular, but they aren't universal yet. Going all-electric means that you never need to stop at a gas station again. You can charge a Recharge model at home, with a range that will vary based on the specific model you choose. Charging during the day at work might be possible depending on charging station availability. Either way, the cost of fuel is just electricity, which is much cheaper than gas.

Interior Quality

The XC series has one of the best interior designs in the luxury SUV class. With the Recharge drivetrain, you can choose any trim you want, and the beautiful and tech-loaded Volvo Recharge XC series gets you a comfortable, spacious, and refined interior experience. The Recharge XC is ideal for families who might be making long trips and who need the interior to be comfortable for the whole set of passengers.


The XC series with the Recharge drivetrain still comes in at a lower cost than many luxury SUV competitors. A big part of why the XC line provides such great value is that you get the most standard features starting with the base trim level. With the Recharge, you can combine that drivetrain with any trim for the best value.
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