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Learn About the New Volvo XC60 Recharge at Red Bank Volvo Cars

One of the best things about Volvo is its exceptional push towards hybrid vehicles. The latest Volvo XC60 Recharge is no different. It offers plenty of value for people in Red Bank. At Red Bank Volvo Cars, we are proud to educate you on what this vehicle has on offer. It will change the way you look at hybrid vehicles, and you will also have something comfortable for every situation. Plenty of innovations will draw you to this vehicle, and you will love how it feels on the road. You need to know that this is a midsize SUV that feels like something much larger. As it is a hybrid, it also allows you to go places on just the battery alone.

What's New?

The main features have to do with the powertrain. The engine is combined with an 87 hp electric motor, and that gives you enough power to do a lot of things with just the electric charge alone. It means you have 400 hp combined with the engine and the electric motor. It also means you can go about 19 miles without touching the gasoline engine. It gives you an excellent system that utilizes the electric motor and gasoline engine for AWD. All of these new features give you more stability and power at your feet. It is also a very stylish vehicle that will turn heads when driving around town.


An unexpected area where this midsize SUV stands out from the competition is its performance. Not only does it give you a 57 MPGe in fuel economy, but it also helps you by delivering 19 miles of range for the electric motor. The engine is very powerful, yet it is also quite fuel-efficient to ensure you don't have to go to the gas pump very often. On top of that, this vehicle has an exceptional drivetrain that is only bolstered by its use of electric motors as well. That combination is quite potent, and it ensures that you are getting outstanding value for your money.


Volvo is a car manufacturer that is known for its safety record. Volvo makes some of the safest vehicles in the world, and you will love this latest lineup. This version of the vehicle is even safer with its plethora of new sensors and gadgets. It is almost impossible to get into trouble on the road, as this vehicle was built to keep you out of trouble. One of the main ways it does that is by continually scanning your surroundings for vehicles that could get in your way. It can then take evasive maneuvers when these vehicles get close. For example, this vehicle can completely stop if it detects you will rear-end someone in front of you.


The technology on this vehicle is as modern as you can get. Most of it is put towards safety, but you also get exceptional technological innovations that will help you have more fun on the road. Entertainment is an area where most people don't focus on when buying vehicles. However, this new vehicle has exceptional entertainment options, and you will love everything on offer.


This is a vehicle designed on the inside and outside to be comfortable and spacious. Despite being a midsize SUV, it still feels like a massive SUV on the inside. There is so much space, and everyone will be able to relax and unwind without any issues.

Trim Levels

In terms of trim levels, you have four different options to choose from. These options are:

  • Inscription
  • Inscription Expression
  • Polestar
  • R-Design

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