The Volvo XC90 is an attractive SUV that requires regular maintenance to make sure that it drives great for years to come. If you need assistance with maintaining your Volvo SUV, stop by Red Bank Volvo Cars while you are in the Red Bank area. Our team knows exactly what it takes to keep a fine machine like this on the road.

Things to Check Out Every 10,000-miles!

Every time your Volvo XC90 rolls over 10,000 miles, you should have your engine oil, oil filter, and coolant changed. Making sure that the engine oil and coolant get changed regularly ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly through all of the seasons. Even if you haven't hit 10,000 miles, you should still have your engine oil checked and probably changed because having your car sit for long periods doesn't mean that the engine oil hasn't settled and gotten old.

Check These Every 40,000-Miles!

Every 40,000 miles, it is essential to have your fuel filters, air filter and brake fluid checked in your Volvo XC90. Ensuring that the fuel and air filter in your XC90 is checked every 40,000 miles ensures that your Volvo XC90 is fuel-efficient for the long term. In addition, having the brake fluid in your XC90 checked is essential as well, so you can make sure that your brakes are in excellent condition as you drive.

Every 70,000 Miles: Check Your Spark Plugs!

It is crucial to have your spark plugs checked and changed in your Volvo XC90. While it is a long time between getting them changed, it is vital to schedule changing them as soon as your Volvo hits the 70,000-mile mark. Having new spark plugs every 70,000 miles will ensure that your engine is firing correctly. Bad spark plugs means that your vehicle can overheat, misfire, and even be less economical.

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