If you desire a midsize luxury vehicle for driving around Red Bank, NJ, check out the Volvo XC90. The new Volvo XC90 from Red Bank Volvo Cars offers you many unique features that won't disappoint.

Rechargeable Hybrid Option

The XC90 hybrid mode allows the vehicle to run on gas, electricity, or both, based on driving conditions. The XC90 plug-in rechargeable hybrid option is available on a 455 horsepower T6 engine, which increases the electrical range to 35 miles. The Pure electric mode is suited for local commutes, and it has a zero-emissions tailpipe.

Care Key Safety

The Care Key is a unique standard safety feature on Volvos starting in 2021 that allows you to limit speed. This is ideal if you lend the vehicle or you want new drivers in your home to learn safety. You may order up to 11 Care Keys with a maximum speed limit setting of 112 mph.


Geartronic is designed specifically for Volvos, offering a manumatic transmission at four different speeds, four-, five-, six-, and eight-speeds. It uses automatic or manual modes operated by paddle shifters on the steering wheel or a modified gear shifter. Geartronic also includes a Sports mode to increase gear speed and a Winter mode for easier driving on slippery surfaces.

Whiplash and Rollover Injury Protection Systems

Whiplash is an injury that forcefully jerks the neck back and forth, commonly occurring during rear-end crashes. The WHIP system enables the headrest and restraint to move with occupants to reduce the chances of injury.

The Volvo XC90 is designed with a unique roof and an ROP system to reduce the chance of rollovers using sensors. If a rollover occurs, it activates the seatbelt pre-tensioners and inflatable curtains for more protection.

Pet Safety

If you travel with pets, secure them with a dog harness in four sizes for use during walks. A dog gate and a steel grille, and luggage compartment divider are available to separate multiple animals. The load liner protects the load compartment mat from scratches and keeps the animal comfortable with a friction-enhanced surface.

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